All investigations are customized to meet the needs of our customers and to provide the best results possible in a timely manner.  

Background Investigations

Hidden Truth offers custom background checks.  Business, personal background checks, and internet and credibility investigations are our specialties.

Legal Investigations


Hidden Truth offers many types of litigation preparation and legal investigations.  We produce surveillance evidence and uncover pertinent facts. We find hard-to-find facts, assets, court records, and assist in difficult service of process.

Insurance Investigations

Hidden Truth offers claim investigation services, including public liability, personal injury and worker's compensation.

Private Investigations


Hidden Truth provides in-depth investigations into missing and locating persons, infidelity, child custody, divorce, elder welfare, hidden assets, fraud, and more.

Corporate Investigations


Hidden Truth provides businesses with corporate solutions for fraud, theft, and employee concerns.  

Surveillance  Investigations


Hidden Truth conducts covert surveillance.  Our surveillance cases are one of the most successful private investigations, whether we use one specialist or work as a team.